Superior training week nine recap

What a crappy week for America, a country where half the residents think that the root of the school shooting crisis is not guns, but too many school entrances and exits. America is sick and it feels like it's getting worse, not better. I escaped into trail running: six runs on six days, one hill interval workout on Towers Trail, and back-to-back long runs in the foothills of the Rockies on Saturday and Sunday. Here are the numbers.

  • 11 hours, 5 minutes

  • 50.5 miles

  • 8,582 ft D+

Saturday I went out intending to do two and a half climbs of Horsetooth and Arthurs Rock. After about seven miles I started feeling pain in my right shin, just above my ankle. It gradually increased and so I stopped at 13 miles and skipped the last climb. Evidently it was not a stress fracture because I was able to hike and run with no pain today. Only an irritated tendon, I think. My new-ish Speedgoat 5s are not a great fit my slightly smaller right foot, perhaps my ankle tendons were fighting a loose fit.

Today I wore my newest pair of the Speedgoat 4, deployed my hiking sticks, and reached the summit of Crosier Mountain (9,257 ft) just before the first thunderstorms developed. I've never been up this trail before. It's a wonderful mix of steep switchbacks and highly runnable singletrack. There's not a lot of shade and no water to speak of, so it could be grueling on a hotter day. I felt great and got to the top in a respectable time. This was my first run over 8,000 ft in 2022. I'll be doing more of this as the snow recedes. There's still quite a bit above 10,000 ft.

Stretch of runnable singletrack between miles one and two

View of Rocky Mountain National Park from Crosier Mountain, 9257 ft.

Superior training week eight recap

Week eight was a rest week. Only four runs, none longer than 7.5 miles. I hope the small numbers this week don't come back to haunt me as I ramp up again.

  • 3 hours, 58 minutes

  • 21.5 miles

  • 2,260 ft D+

I didn't sleep well this week and despite some good meals got into a poor mood by Friday. Hitting the trail both days this weekend lifted my spirits a lot. Unlike Boulder and Denver, Fort Collins got very little precipitation from Friday's snowstorm, so the trails were dry as usual. Today I ran to the summit of Arthur's Rock, which I usually pass by, during the only overcast hours of the day.

Arthur's Rock from the northwest

Looking northeast over Horsetooth Reservoir from the summit

Next week I'm doing my first uphill workout. My body felt good on the climb today and I'm looking forward to pushing it more on Tuesday.

Return (from running) to hot chicken

I told my kids about my plans to become a part-time sandwich influencer and made crispy, not fried, chicken sandwiches for all three of us after my trail run. I love fried chicken, but I don't feel like becoming the owner of a jar of used oil right now, so I baked the chicken with a crispy coating on a sheet pan. The chicken was served hot, but was not Hot Chicken, not by a mile.

Each sandwich had one boneless, skinless chicken thigh at its core. I dredged the meat in a mixture of white flour, Kashmiri chile powder, and salt; dipped it egg white left over from making garlic aioli a couple days ago; then dredged it again in a mix of panko breadcrumbs, dried thyme, and olive oil. I baked these on a piece of parchment paper in my oven at 400 °F for 25 minutes.

While the chicken was baking, I sliced a small red onion and a large jalapeño, and made a small batch of coleslaw: thinly sliced green cabbage and grated carrot tossed with salt, caraway seeds, garlic aioli, yogurt, and rice wine vinegar. When the chicken was done, we put it on a basic hamburger bun and topped it with onion and coleslaw. I added a lot of fresh jalapeño, while the kids opted for sprinkling Cholula onto the crispy chicken.

One day I'll show a picture of a sandwich with no red onion

The sandwiches were delicious. The meat was thoroughly cooked, but still moist, and the coating had a nice crunch. We all agreed that we could have made the meat spicier by adding cayenne to the first dredging mix and to the crumbs. When I do this again, I might add apple to the coleslaw, making it more like the Bird's sweeter slaw.

While prepping, I listened to "Return to Hot Chicken" from Yo La Tengo's 1997 album I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One. There's a fun story about eating at Prince's Hot Chicken restaurant (and more) in an interview of James McNew by Aquarium Drunkard.

Sandwich retrospective: kimchi reuben

I didn't make a sandwich today, but I found another sandwich photo on my phone. This one is from January, when I was working through a large batch of homemade red cabbage (with apple and carrot) kimchi.

Pastrami, red cabbage kimchi, and swiss cheese on rye


Ruth is traveling all next week and I will be busy holding down the fort and going to end-of-year school activities. Forgive me if I'm slow to reply to emails and open source issues and pull requests.

Superior training week seven recap

Here are the numbers for week seven.

  • 10 hours, 7 minutes

  • 50 miles

  • 5564 ft D+

Six days of running in a row, two speed workouts, and back-to-back weekend long runs. Next week is a rest week with less running and more biking, yoga, and weight lifting.