Long run peanut butter and honey sandwich

In a 12-hour race I will expend much more energy than I store in my body in the form of glycogen. I continue to work on training my body to digest solid food that has a good mix of carbs, fat, and protein while on the go. In a race I'll eat pieces of a ham and cheese wrap, a quesadilla, or even bacon when it's available. On my long weekend runs, which are now up to three hours or more, each, I'm taking a big peanut butter and honey sandwich. The ingredients:

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread (Dave's Good Seed (TM))

  • A generous spread of peanut butter, same weight as a slice of bread

  • More honey, 50% more than the weight of a slice of bread. Slightly crystalized honey is good because it doesn't immediately run off the slice.

This makes a sandwich containing about 700 calories. I cut it into four pieces and stuff all into a small rectangular ziploc container the night before. Each piece has ~20 more calories than a Honey Stinger waffle and zero waste per serving.

I've been eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches for over 50 years, as long as I can remember. It was always honey in my family, not jam or jelly, though I love that as well. And when I was a kid it was always Miller's Honey.

With the help of his pioneer father, Nephi exchanged five bags of oats for seven colonies of bees. This was the beginning of Miller's Honey Company.


A little extra salt sprinkled on the peanut butter is good