Quad Rock training week nine recap

Snow made it hard to go far or climb up, but I hung in and persevered.

  • 12 hours, 56 minutes

  • 56.3 miles

  • 8386 ft D+

At least the weather was favorable this weekend. Sunny with a high temperature of 2-3 °C and light wind. Muddy trails froze solid Saturday night and so the trails were icy but not sloppy on Sunday morning. The nice weather let me go uphill in a t-shirt and light gloves and only unpack my wool top for long shady descents. I didn't use my windbreaker at all, or my first aid kit. I spent a lot of time on the infamously icy Mill Creek trail on Saturday and was relieved to find that all of my favorite places to slip and crash were well covered with heavy snow.


Snow-free hillside with a heavily drifted trail


Looking southwest from Horsetooth's Westridge trail to Longs Peak

Warmer and drier weather is in the forecast for the first week of March. I'm looking forward to ice-free and drier trails next weekend.

February 24, 2018: In Bengaluru

I haven't left Colorado in over a year. It seems like a dream that three years ago I was hopping between continents on planes and in Bengaluru.

Since then my connections to the city have weakened, and grown, and weakened again. Mapbox closed its office there six months after my visit. Some folks, like my friend Pratik, moved to San Francisco or Washington, D.C. and I got to see them more often. Ruth's department hired a new assistant professor who grew up in Bangalore and became a mentor to me on the subject of Indian cooking, and pickles in particular. But since the COVID pandemic hit I haven't seen Vamsi at all, and I've only seen Pratik on Google hangouts. Multiple times a week, though, and memories of Bangalore remain a touchstone.

In my older blog post I mentioned the importance of street trees in Bengaluru and in looking for recent writing on the subject I came upon this great post: https://www.thenatureofcities.com/2018/07/01/secular-sacred-domestic-living-street-trees-bangalore/.

Quad Rock training week eight recap

I wrapped up week eight of my 19-week Quad Rock training program today.

  • 11 hours, 32 minutes

  • 50.9 miles

  • 6926 ft D+

The past week's program is comparable to 2019's week 13. I ran six times. Two workouts, two short easy runs, and two multi-hour long runs. The weather was warmer and more sunny than the week before, but more snow fell. Slogging makes you tough, right? That's what I tell myself.


Well Gulch, Friday morning


Towers road, Sunday morning


Westridge aspen grove, close up

Recent adjustments to my training have yielded two positive results. Rededicating myself to stretching and foam rolling has eliminated the buzzing in my left side sciatic nerve that cropped up at the end of week seven. Two weeks ago I'd written about my concern that I had been neglecting my aerobic base and that I would begin to deliberately slow down my long runs. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling less sluggish in low gear now. Going at my 100k pace is feeling better and better.

Quad Rock training week seven recap

It's been a cold rest week. Yesterday I went out for a run at -17 °C. Today it was one degree colder. The only thing I enjoyed about it was seeing some friends on the road and the feeling that I'm making progress on my running form. Now I'm back inside stretching and drinking tea and don't plan to do much of anything else until Monday. Here's the week in numbers.

  • 3 hours, 27 minutes

  • 19.9 miles

  • 692 ft D+

Next week will be challenging. More hills and miles and all of it with snow on the ground and lingering cold temperatures.