Quad Rock training week 11 recap

Week 11 was a rest week, the last of a four week block in which I ran 186 miles and climbed 27,000 feet. The numbers for this week are small.

  • 3 hours, 24 minutes

  • 20.4 miles

  • 1122 ft D+

I ran four times and did two yoga/HIIT workouts with Ruth. Since I wasn't planning on any hard running workouts, I added extra weight when doing squats. I've been using a band, too, and the combination made my glutes nice and sore. A resistance band around your legs above your knees reminds your glutes and hips to keep engaged. I'm also working on engaging the same set of muscles when I run by aiming my knees slightly outward.

In my next four week block I would like to run 250 miles and climb more than 37,000 feet. The vertical goal could be difficult to achieve. This weekend's snowstorm may bring several feet of snow to the foothills and make travel to trailheads complicated.

Today I got out for an easy pre-storm run at Pineridge. Tomorrow I hope to get out on my cross-country skis for the first time since November.


On the first little ridge of the Rocky Mountains looking north