Quad Rock training week eight recap

I wrapped up week eight of my 19-week Quad Rock training program today.

  • 11 hours, 32 minutes

  • 50.9 miles

  • 6926 ft D+

The past week's program is comparable to 2019's week 13. I ran six times. Two workouts, two short easy runs, and two multi-hour long runs. The weather was warmer and more sunny than the week before, but more snow fell. Slogging makes you tough, right? That's what I tell myself.


Well Gulch, Friday morning


Towers road, Sunday morning


Westridge aspen grove, close up

Recent adjustments to my training have yielded two positive results. Rededicating myself to stretching and foam rolling has eliminated the buzzing in my left side sciatic nerve that cropped up at the end of week seven. Two weeks ago I'd written about my concern that I had been neglecting my aerobic base and that I would begin to deliberately slow down my long runs. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling less sluggish in low gear now. Going at my 100k pace is feeling better and better.