Never Summer training week three recap

Here's my week three recap. On time, not a week late like week two's recap.

  • 8 hours, 22 minutes
  • 43.5 miles
  • 3957 feet D+

I skied half a day at Steamboat on Monday, telemark style, so a pretty good workout in 10" of new snow. Tuesday I did an easy 7.5 miles on the bike path. Wednesday I flailed in the snow for an hour at Pineridge. Thursday my quads felt pretty well recovered and I did a tempo run workout on the bike path. Tempo for me, right now, is a little over 7 minutes a mile. Friday my favorite heated flow yoga class was extra challenging because of my tired legs, but I hung in. Saturday and Sunday had my first back-to-back longish runs of the season, 23 miles total. Back-to-back long runs worked for me in 2019 and I intend to stick with them in 2020.

Snow blanket on Mill Creek Trail

February has been all about running in snow. Yesterday I went for a longish hilly run at Horsetooth. I had first tracks on the Herrington Trail and was the second group through on Wathan and on Mill Creek Trail. My lower leg stabilizer muscles got a big workout in those conditions and were complaining this morning during the first mile of my easy longish run up the Spring Creek Trail in town.

Lower down, the amount of snow depends entirely on the slope aspect

Golden eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) are nesting in Horsetooth Open Space again this year and a stretch of the Spring Creek Trail that passes by their hearth is closed. I'm more than happy to go around. What good are mountains without eagles and other raptors?

Don't mess with the eagles

Never Summer training week two recap

Week two was a bit of an oddball because my family and I had a 3-day ski weekend at the end of it and I missed my long runs.

  • 2 hours, 55 minutes running time
  • 17.3 miles
  • 823 feet D+

I did have 3 solid runs, a session of pedaling on a stationary bike, a painless drive to Steamboat Springs, and 2.5 days of telemark skiing at the resort. My first downhill skiing of the season. The telemark turn on modern gear involves a reverse lunge, not a forward lunge, and is an ideal strength workout for trail running. In recent years I've been getting better at making alpine turns in my tele gear on groomed runs and I can sort of do it in powder, but I mostly stick to telemark turns in steeper deeper snow and bumps. Lots of those at Steamboat in late February 2020, it's been a good snow season.

Never Summer training week one recap

The first week of my 25 week season is done.

  • 6 hours and 4 minutes running
  • 32.5 miles
  • 2631 feet D+

I ran on 5 different days, including both weekend days, and this will be standard. I'll do 6 on some peak weeks. 3-4 on rest weeks. I'll be increasing the length of runs as I go, but not the number of days a week I run. I'd like to continue to build more muscle, and so I'm lifting weights once a week and doing sets of step-ups and split squats after runs.

We had no precipitation in Fort Collins in January. Zero. But the situation changed quickly and this past week was quite wintry. Tuesday, I took my classic XC skis to Pineridge instead of doing an indoor cardio workout. Thursday I ran in the snow at Maxwell and today, Sunday, I ran in deep snow at Lory State Park.

Snowy Pineridge Natural Area

Between Arthur's Rock and Timber trailheads, 7 miles and one hundred minutes apart, I didn't see a single other person. Or mammal, for that matter. It was just me, the trees, birds, and snow.

Shapely 1.7.0

At long last, Shapely 1.7.0 is done. We have wheels on PyPI, wheels that include GEOS 3.8.0, wheels for Manylinux1, OS X, and Windows. The changes since 1.6.4 are all listed in the change log.

There are now 96 people named in Shapely's credits. Special 1.7.0 thanks to Joris Van den Bossche and the GeoPandas project for pre-release testing and to Mike Taves for putting the finishing touches on the project's AppVeyor configuration and Windows wheel building infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more news.