Never Summer training week two recap

Week two was a bit of an oddball because my family and I had a 3-day ski weekend at the end of it and I missed my long runs.

  • 2 hours, 55 minutes running time

  • 17.3 miles

  • 823 feet D+

I did have 3 solid runs, a session of pedaling on a stationary bike, a painless drive to Steamboat Springs, and 2.5 days of telemark skiing at the resort. My first downhill skiing of the season. The telemark turn on modern gear involves a reverse lunge, not a forward lunge, and is an ideal strength workout for trail running. In recent years I've been getting better at making alpine turns in my tele gear on groomed runs and I can sort of do it in powder, but I mostly stick to telemark turns in steeper deeper snow and bumps. Lots of those at Steamboat in late February 2020, it's been a good snow season.