Never Summer training week one recap

The first week of my 25 week season is done.

  • 6 hours and 4 minutes running

  • 32.5 miles

  • 2631 feet D+

I ran on 5 different days, including both weekend days, and this will be standard. I'll do 6 on some peak weeks. 3-4 on rest weeks. I'll be increasing the length of runs as I go, but not the number of days a week I run. I'd like to continue to build more muscle, and so I'm lifting weights once a week and doing sets of step-ups and split squats after runs.

We had no precipitation in Fort Collins in January. Zero. But the situation changed quickly and this past week was quite wintry. Tuesday, I took my classic XC skis to Pineridge instead of doing an indoor cardio workout. Thursday I ran in the snow at Maxwell and today, Sunday, I ran in deep snow at Lory State Park.

Snowy Pineridge Natural Area

Between Arthur's Rock and Timber trailheads, 7 miles and one hundred minutes apart, I didn't see a single other person. Or mammal, for that matter. It was just me, the trees, birds, and snow.