Spring weather

I'm sitting in my kitchen typing at my computer and watching the rain and just heard thunder outside for the first time this year. This is good! I've been training in the dark and cold of Winter for 4 months and am ready for it to move on.

Fiona discussion groups

The Fiona project now has brand-new, old-fashioned users and developers discussion groups on groups.io. The former is for support, the latter is for project planning. Please subscribe to one or both of these if you'd like to receive announcements, help your fellow Fiona users, or contribute to the further development of the package. Thanks!

Linux on the desktop, stabilized

I've turned off Bluetooth on my Thinkpad and replaced my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with wireless USB units: a cheap Logitech K360 compact keyboard and M325 mouse. After 3 days there is no sign of the memory leaks that I wrote about on Sunday. The clue that Bluetooth, or these particular devices, might be implicated was the presence of a gsd-wacom process at the top of top's memory-sorted table. I've no Wacom device, but I associate them with Bluetooth. Removing Bluetooth devices from my workplace hasn't fixed the bug in Gnome or the device driver, but the bug is now dormant. I'm moving on.

Linux on the desktop

We've been saying "$CURRENT_YEAR is the year of Linux on the desktop" for about 20 years now and we're still not there yet. I've been using Ubuntu 18.04 and Gnome on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon since last October and the stability of Gnome is disappointing. After a restart, I have a handful of days of usability before my computer is out of memory. Keeping top open finally revealed the problem: the memory footprints of gsd-power, gsd-color, and gsd-wacom – gnome-settings-daemon services – grow over time until my computer's RAM is almost entirely allocated and swapping takes over. I haven't been able to find a graceful way to restart these services. Sending them SIGHUP worked once, memory and usability were regained temporarily, but then the next time it caused a complete restart of my Gnome session. I'm becoming fed up with this. Next week I'll test a hypothesis that my Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse are implicated. Then, I'll see if some alternative desktop environments aren't more reliable.

Training week sixteen recap

I've finished another recovery week. I spent twice as much time in yoga and massage sessions and on an elliptical trainer as I did on the trail.

  • 1:56
  • 11.9 miles
  • 233 feet D+

We had a blizzard on Wednesday and plenty of snow still around on Thursday. I'm fortunate that I didn't have big training plans. The snow is largely gone now, except where it drifted, but trails are quite muddy. Bobcat Ridge, Pineridge, Maxwell, and Reservoir Ridge are all closed today.

I'm going to attempt to run over 200 miles in the next three weeks. I should probably be napping or rolling on my foam cylinder instead of writing, but I suspect I won't have much energy for extracurricular writing during the remainder of March and am trying to cram in a little blogging today.