Linux on the desktop

We've been saying "$CURRENT_YEAR is the year of Linux on the desktop" for about 20 years now and we're still not there yet. I've been using Ubuntu 18.04 and Gnome on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon since last October and the stability of Gnome is disappointing. After a restart, I have a handful of days of usability before my computer is out of memory. Keeping top open finally revealed the problem: the memory footprints of gsd-power, gsd-color, and gsd-wacom – gnome-settings-daemon services – grow over time until my computer's RAM is almost entirely allocated and swapping takes over. I haven't been able to find a graceful way to restart these services. Sending them SIGHUP worked once, memory and usability were regained temporarily, but then the next time it caused a complete restart of my Gnome session. I'm becoming fed up with this. Next week I'll test a hypothesis that my Apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse are implicated. Then, I'll see if some alternative desktop environments aren't more reliable.