Training week sixteen recap

I've finished another recovery week. I spent twice as much time in yoga and massage sessions and on an elliptical trainer as I did on the trail.

  • 1:56

  • 11.9 miles

  • 233 feet D+

We had a blizzard on Wednesday and plenty of snow still around on Thursday. I'm fortunate that I didn't have big training plans. The snow is largely gone now, except where it drifted, but trails are quite muddy. Bobcat Ridge, Pineridge, Maxwell, and Reservoir Ridge are all closed today.

I'm going to attempt to run over 200 miles in the next three weeks. I should probably be napping or rolling on my foam cylinder instead of writing, but I suspect I won't have much energy for extracurricular writing during the remainder of March and am trying to cram in a little blogging today.