Shapely 1.2b5

Update (2010-04-28): 1.2b7 has another important bug fix. Links are updated below.

Update (2010-04-13): 1.2b6 has an important bug fix. Links are updated below.

Shapely 1.2b5 is uploaded to and It contains a few enhancements that suggested themselves while I was writing example code for the user manual.

To install and try it out (in a virtualenv):

$ pip install


$ easy_install

A sneak preview of the (still in progress) manual for 1.2 is online at a non-permanent URI: Feedback on the HTML has been positive. I hope that the content is (or will be) even better. There are copious code examples and figures (with code) made using descartes. A lot of the discussion is based on Martin Davis's JTS docs, without which I'd be nowhere.

In other Shapely news, the project in which it originated has been refunded and will be the biggest part of my job over the next few years. Count on improvements to the code and the docs.