Spatialindex 1.5.0

New C API and 64-bit support for the N-dimensional R/MVR/TPR-tree library:


It is my pleasure to announce the release of libspatialindex 1.5.0. You can obtain source and compiled windows versions from:

Additionally, I have also updated the OSGeo4W release with a 1.5.0 version as well for people using it through that avenue.

The big items addressed in 1.5.0 were:

  • Do not depend on size_t for storages. This change is backward incompatible, but it allows stored indexes to be 32/64 platform agnostic.

  • A C API has been added. The C API provides a nice fuzzy blanket for this wishing to insulate themselves from righteous C++ programming. In exchange for holding your hand and making choices for you at almost every level, it is rather easy to use and provides some good example code for those looking to do different things with the library.

More detail provided at


This library originated in work by Hadjieleftheriou [1] and is used by Rtree. Permanent link to the announcement: