Welp. The 2016 presidential election was an utter disaster. In large enough numbers in key states, Americans threw a tantrum and voted for machismo, racism, and kleptocracy. I think the situation now looks worse than it did two weeks ago. We've got an abusive president-elect with a history of self-dealing and other cons who indicates that the sleaze will continue unabated and he's advised by a pack of wingnuts, climate deniers, internet trolls, and neo-nazis. Surrogates of our president-elect are on news programs floating insane ideas like a national registry of Muslims and internment camps. I'm very concerned for the safety of my Black, Latino, LGBT, immigrant, female, Muslim, and Jewish friends and family in such an abnormal political climate. Don't tell me that this is normal, that nothing has really changed, or no one is more at risk today unless you're ready for an earful. If you're a Trump voter who insists that you're not a racist or bigot, I insist that you prove it by speaking out and standing up against atrocities when the time comes.


I hope you've had the chance to vote early by mail, like I have, like we all should be able to do. But if not, please do take the time to vote on Tuesday and bring a friend or two. I'm sure almost all of us know people who feel frustrated about the system or less than passionate about the candidates or complacent about a Clinton victory (which I'm counting on!) and who might stay home on election day. Put some pressure on them, remind younger friends how much they'll regret letting bitter old white men further dictate their future, drive or carry them to the polls if need be. I think John Scalzi really nails it here:

Basically lots of people would love it if you didn’t vote. Disappoint them.

Disappoint the misogynists. Disappoint the bigots. Disappoint the literal racists and fascists backing Trump in this election. Vote!