Superior training week five recap

Dry and windy weather continues here on Colorado's Front Range. I'm not a big fan of running in mud, but we really need some steady, soaking rain here. This dry and desiccating spring is unusual and is challenging our drought-tolerant environment. Many plants are still semi-dormant and the landscape is still mostly a midwinter yellow-brown color and flowers are slow to appear. One exception is the white blossom of the tough-as-nails sand lily (Leucocrinum montanum). This plant is in full bloom locally, as plentiful as ever. I was surprised to learn today that sand lilies are in the same family as asparagus. I saw one clematis blossom in a wetter spot this week, and a few bluebells here and there. In other years, these are erupting everywhere.

Here are the numbers for week five. Season highs all around. I'll go double this distance and 2.5 times the time and climbing one week in July.

  • 8 hours, 35 minutes

  • 43 miles

  • 6010 ft D+

Six days of running, my first substantial speed workout, and two runs with plenty of hills. I'm mostly hiking up the hills and trying to flow down them without braking. In a few weeks I'll start to push it more on the ascents. 5 minute uphill intervals with 1 minute of recovery do amazing things for my fitness.

Saturday, May 7, I will be volunteering all day for the Quad Rock race and will you see you if you pass through the Horsetooth aid station. It's at the 10 and 40 mile marks for the race courses. I'm looking forward to helping you 25 milers settle into the middle of your course and helping you 50 milers get the fuel and what you need for your finish.