Day off (Cubano sandwich)

I have the day off work today. After saying goodbye to my mother-in-law, who has been visiting, and making lunches for my kids, I drove to Lory State Park for a very nice, hilly trail run (7.75 miles, 1876 ft D+, average grade 4.4% including downhills). I listened to the new King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard double album, Omnium Gatherum, on the drive and laughed out loud a few times. It's so good. And self-indulgent, which is exactly my mood today.

It's important to refuel after a hard run, so when I got home I made an extra loaded, extra buttery, grilled Cubano-ish sandwich. Did you know the Lucerne cheese company is selling ghost pepper jack? When I saw it in the store I had to grab it. Honestly, it could be hotter.

Black Forest ham, ghost pepper jack, red onion, dill pickle, and mustard on white bread.