Quad Rock training week sixteen recap

I'm back! This was my first solid week of training since week 12.

  • 14 hours, 44 minutes

  • 63.9 miles

  • 11,388 ft D+

I ran six days in a row, including back-to-back long runs yesterday and today. Wednesday I ran through some groin twinges and didn't seem to do any more damage, this inspired me to try a bit of tempo running on Thursday and Friday. Feeling fine on Saturday morning, I went out for a 25-mile hike on the snow-covered Quad Rock course. I took poles to give my weak adductor a break on descents and this seemed to be a good choice. I saved myself from slipping and falling several times and felt fine at the end of the day. Today I went out for a more simple run, two trips up and down Towers Trail, the wide and mostly dry highway to the top of Horsetooth Open Space. I hiked and ran up at a pretty good pace and tested my leg on the descents. I didn't set any new personal records running downhill, but I have a lot more confidence. My plan for the next 3 weeks is to not hurt myself again, repair and grow some muscle cells. I think I'll be almost 100% at Quad Rock.


Milner Mountain (6,881 ft) from the Horsetooth Open Space South Ridge Trail