Quad Rock training week three recap

Week three was the last week of my first block of training. A recovery week. No running workouts. No long long runs. I went a little harder on strength and conditioning and easier on running.

  • 4:53

  • 23.5 miles

  • 2972 ft D+

My next two four-week blocks will add high-intensity hill workouts. The two blocks after that will increase the length of my back-to-back long runs. The final block will be about fine tuning, tapering, and racing. The block structure is based on the 100k plan published in Krissy Moehl's Running Your First Ultra. It's relatively easy for me to follow such a plan because my weekends are open, my work hours are fairly flexible, and my body is (so far) comfortable with lots of easy running. As long as I keep the easy days easy, running and hiking 6 days a week hasn't been a problem. Your mileage may vary, of course.

I'm feeling considerable stress from work and the shitty state of our society. Running helps me cope, but only if I keep my brain off these matters while I'm on the trail. Sometimes it's hard. With a fairly elected government of functioning adults it's going to get better, but it could get worse before we pull out of this excrutiating nosedive.