Training week nine recap

The basic numbers from week 9 aren't that much different from week 3.

  • 7:44 running time

  • 44 miles

  • 3819 feet D+

The difference is that I had 3 outings at a steady pace or faster instead of 2, my steady pace is significantly faster now, and one of these outings was an uphill tempo pyramid with intervals (2-4-6-4-2 minutes of effort) twice as long as my first pyramid workout in week 3, on a 10% grade above Pineridge Natural Area. There was more intensity in my sessions this week. The next two weeks will be even more intense as I get into bigger hill workouts.

I started week 9 sore and tired from two days of telemark skiing at Steamboat (hundreds of lunges per hour) and the soreness lingered. I'm not sure how to mix skiing with my training. Two days of teleing made my rest week less restful, for sure. We have another 4 days of family skiing planned for this winter, so I'll have more chances to figure it out.

Horsetooth Mountain from Coyote Ridge on Saturday's long run