Training week eight recap

This was a rest week and I ran just 3 days. I did one bike ride, my usual strength and conditioning session, a yoga session and did two half days of telemark skiing at Steamboat. No hiking, but plenty of bumps, so I got a pretty solid workout. Though I didn't run today, I did run yesterday evening after skiing. Steamboat Springs has a trail system that is plowed mostly clear in the winter. I always lose the trail before Emerald Park whether I'm coming from the north or the south, but that's not the city's fault.

The numbers:

  • 3 hours running

  • 17.8 miles

  • 404 feet D+

I spent more time cross-training than running, which is fine.

A big highlight of the week was helping Bea discover some new skiing terrain. She was super excited to be going through these black diamond gates for the first time.