Geoprocessing for humans: close() and with

Fiona 0.8 has a bunch of important new features: file bounds/extents, sync of bounds and record count with writes, protection against iteration restarts, and more:

0.8 (2012-02-21)
- Replaced .opened attribute with .closed (product of collection() is always
  opened). Also a __del__() which will close a Collection,  but still not to be
  depended upon.
- Added writerecords method.
- Added a record buffer and better counting of records in a collection.
- Manage one iterator per collection/session.
- Added a read-only bounds property.

I've also expanded the manual (still under construction), documenting among other things what Fiona does to keep users from stumbling over external resources: Don't del your collections or set them to None and then sacrifice a chicken while crossing your fingers and hoping for the best – just call close() or use with and enjoy some peace of mind.

Update (2012-02-22): "layers" (as in OGR) in the last sentence changed to "collections" (as in Fiona).