Shapely 1.2.3

Shapely's had a shape() function that makes geometric objects from GeoJSON-like mappings for some time. Now, by popular request, is the inverse: mapping():

>>> from shapely.geometry import Point, mapping
>>> m = mapping(Point(0, 0))
>>> m['type']
>>> m['coordinates']
(0.0, 0.0)

The new function operates on any object that provides __geo_interface__ [link]. This release also fixes a major bug involving GEOS versions < 3.1 introduced in 1.2.2. You can download an sdist from Windows installers should be coming soon.

As I like to remind people every few releases, major portions of this work were supported by a grant (for Pleiades) from the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities (

Update (2010-08-22): Win32 and Win-AMD64 installers have been uploaded to the locations above.