Rtree 0.6

Busy day in the labo. Version 0.6 of Rtree, the N-dimensional R-tree package for Python, is ready.


It is my pleasure to announce the release of Rtree 0.6.0.


Source code and a complete Windows self-installer (with libspatialindex 1.5.0) are provided. Version 0.6.0 requires the use of libspatialindex 1.5.0, and it will not work without it.

The following updates were made for this release:

  • 0.6.0 relies on libspatialindex 1.5.0+.

  • Intersection and nearest methods return iterators over results instead of lists.

  • Number of results for nearest() defaults to 1.

  • libsidx C library of 0.5.0 removed and included in libspatialindex

  • objects="raw" to return the object sent in (for speed).

  • .count() method to return the intersection count without the overhead of returning a list. (thanks Leonard Norrgård)

  • Improved bulk loading performance

  • Supposedly no memory leaks :)

  • Many other performance tweaks (see docs).

  • Bulk loader supports interleaved coordinates

  • Leaf queries. You can return the box and ids of the leaf nodes of the index. Useful for visualization, etc.

  • Many more docstrings, sphinx docs, etc

Howard, Brent, and Sean

Permanent link to the announcement: http://lists.gispython.org/pipermail/community/2010-April/002500.html.

GitHub users might be interested in forking http://github.com/sgillies/rtree. I'll keep it up date with and push contributions to the canonical Rtree Subversion repository.