Bear training week ~5 recap

The third week of my season's big training block was my biggest yet from the climbing perspective. My runs averaged 220 feet of elevation gain (D+) per mile, which is what the Bear 100 course will demand of me in 5 weeks. Here are last week's numbers.

  • 20 hours, 37 minutes

  • 76.2 miles

  • 16,775 feet D+

Extrapolating that to 100 miles, naively, predicts a 28 hour finish. That would be amazing! There's no way I'm going to finish in 28 hours. I think I'll be able to keep up this week's average pace for 60 miles and then will slow down dramatically after that. We'll see!

Next week I'm giving myself a break from long hilly runs. I'll do daily runs of not much more than an hour, yoga, some strength and conditioning. And I'll be working on my race day planning: gear, drop bags, fueling, etc.