Bear training week ~6 recap

For fun I'm using the bitwise complement operator ~ in the title of this post. Race week is week ~0. On Monday, it was 6 weeks to race week. I'm starting to feel fit, close to my 2020-2021 form.

The numbers for the week:

  • 16 hours, 54 minutes

  • 71 miles

  • 12,165 feet D+

I've run six days in a row and my shortest run was today's: an hour and 20 minutes. I went out for five hours in Rocky Mountain National Park on Wednesday, two hours in Lory State Park on Friday, and five and a half hours at Horsetooth Open Space on Saturday.

Soaking hot and tired feet in the Big Thompson River below Fern Lake in RMNP.

Below the Westridge Wall in Lory S.P.

Alone on Arthur's Rock, looking NE across the reservoir and plains.

Towers trail tailgating

A bear was active around Towers Trail yesterday, but successfully avoided me. According to some bikers, it crossed the trail behind my back near the top during my first lap. If I'd turned when I heard them shouting, I might have seen it. I know there are bears up there, but have never seen one while I've been on the trail. It's a good time to be filling up on chokecherries, that's for sure.

Next week I'm going to increase my training volume a little more. Instead of two 5.5 hour runs, I'll aim for 3 x 4 hours.