Blue Sky L minus six days

I just got back from my last long run before the Blue Sky Trail Marathon, an out and back on the Blue Sky trail covering miles 9.2-15.6 and 22.7-26.7 of the race course. If conditions allow, I plan to run the race with the same gear, wearing my Evo Speedgoats and carrying only a 16-ounce bottle in my hand. The aid stations are less than 5 miles apart and the weather looks like it will be cool on race day. Since I managed to run 10 miles today with only one bottle and a single gel, I should be fine. It might be below freezing when the race starts at 7 a.m., so I plan to start with a warmer layer and then switch at mile 9 when we loop back through the starting line.

My fitness is pretty good. Not where it was before Never Summer at the end of July, but better than before Black Squirrel in September. Finishing in the top five for my category (17 registered runners) might be feasible. Until Saturday, I'm going to focus on getting lots of sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated.

Thursday could be our first snow. I'd love to see the course get watered a little bit. It's very dry and dusty now. Although the forecast has the sun coming out again on Friday, sometimes the arrival of these first fall storms can be a little delayed. We'll have to wait and see. I would prefer sunny and cool weather, but I've run this course in the snow many times and am ready to do it again.