End of summer running recap

It's been a busy time. Let's get caught up. Last time I posted something on my blog, almost 5 weeks ago, I started building up again after finishing the Never Summer 100k. I succumbed to a sinus infection before the Black Squirrel Half Marathon, the 3rd event of the Gnar Slam, on September 11, but did fairly well despite the warm weather. It's now three weeks until the Blue Sky Trail Marathon, the last race in the series and I feel like my fitness level is finally going back up again after a rough August and early September. Last Saturday I ran 20 miles for the first time since the Never Summer event and felt fine. I intend to go out for more this coming weekend if the weather allows. The window for alpine running in Colorado is closing quickly, we've already had snow above treeline.

Three weeks to the Blue Sky Trail Marathon. My knees feel better, my sinuses feel better, I'm less stressed out about work and looking forward to lots of fun trail miles in October.