Backing out of Quad Rock

I've concluded that three weeks of rest between Never Summer and Quad Rock (on August 15) won't be enough to do well in the 25 miler. I don't feel sore today other than a little shoulder pain and I felt comfortable on an easy run at Pineridge on Wednesday, but I do feel vaguely weary. My left calf, which I'd injured during the 2019 Quad Rock 50 miler, was feeling strained at the end of Never Summer and will benefit from more rest before any more running or power hiking uphill. I registered for the Black Squirrel Half, which is scheduled for September 12. With luck, that will be my next event. Until the middle of August, I'm going to ease back into weight training, yoga, and mellow runs. After that I'll try a few workouts and set some reasonable goals for Black Squirrel.