T minus sixteen hours

Taking the day off work was a great idea. I'm too excited about the race to do any computering this morning. Instead, I'm packing camping and running gear in my car. After lunch I will drive up CO 14 and over Cameron Pass to the race start in Gould, set up camp, hand in drop bags, and go for an easy run.

I'm expecting rain today from moisture in the monsoon flow which is beginning to affect Colorado. Tomorrow's forecast on the course looks better than today, starting sunny with a 50 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms after noon, typical summer weather in the Rockies. I'd rather not be wet all afternoon, but I'm prepared for it, and the race is prepared for it, too. There will be hot food at aid stations. I'm looking forward to cups of soup in the later stages of the race.

Tapering for the race has been challenging. Air quality has been poor here the past two weeks and because of that I've done less running than I planned. But I have kicked my sinus infection, banked up plenty of sleep, and eaten well. I feel rested and energized, and that's the important thing.