I'm still running with a mask

Here in Fort Collins, white people seem to be just about done with wearing masks and distancing. I spent the morning running by myself in Lory State Park and saw seven multi-family groups. I'm not sure what these people are thinking or telling themselves, but I'm a white person, and I know there's impatience with inconvenience, and denial in our makeup.

Me, I'm still running with a Buff, the stretchy cylindrical scarf, and I pull it up when approaching others on the trail. Reactions from people who are mostly not covering their faces is mixed. I see revulsion, I see shame, I see gratitude. I feel like it's really on runners and cyclists to be covering up like this. Walkers are mostly doing their best to give other groups space, but I'm encroaching on others quite a bit due to my choice of activity, trails, and time of day.