Running in 2019

I'm back from my last run of 2019, a short trot in suburban Boise near my mom's house. This year I've run 224 times, 4 times with a bib pinned to my shirt: at the Run Through Time in Salida (26 miles) in March, Quad Rock (50 miles) in May, Black Squirrel (13 miles) in September, and Loopet Loppet (42 miles) in October. One trail marathon and two ultramarathons.

I surpassed my 2018 mileage total in early July. 2019's numbers:

  • 317 hours and 23 minutes (60% increase)

  • 1,701.8 miles (50% increase)

  • 180,771 feet D+ (113% increase)

I put running ahead of unpaid open source projects, conferences, working groups, and Twitter arguments in 2019 and have no regrets at all. I'm going to continue in 2020.

Wrapping up another year in the hills above Boise