Interview with survivor of mountain lion attack

Wow, KUNC's Luke Runyon has the story and it's a wild one. It really has been the talk of the town.

News of the attack went viral. For more than a week, Kauffman's identity was not widely known. But that didn't stop internet theories from floating around about his purported background in martial arts, his workout regimen and his training in hand-to-hand combat. Colorado Parks and Wildlife fielded inquiries asking if he was single.

Take this to heart, people:

The foothills might feel like a place just for people, for recreation, Kauffman said. But they're wild places. Being aware of your surroundings while out hiking and trail running might save your life. He says the decision to not wear earbuds to listen to music saved his life. He heard the mountain lion coming before he saw it, and that might've given him the edge.