Runner survives mountain lion attack at Horsetooth


CPW and Larimer County DNR are investigating a mountain lion attack on a trail runner at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space on Feb. 4. The runner is recovering and the juvenile lion will be necropsied by CPW.

Whoa. It's quite possible that this cat has watched me on this same trail. I run up there by myself often and tell myself that I'm too big and too sweaty to be considered prey. But I'm always wary. No earbuds, ever, and I make sure to look up when traversing possible ambush spots. I'm glad the runner was alert and reacted to save their life. I hope I would have done the same thing. I feel sorry, too, for the mountain lion, which would be alive if it had kept its attention fixed on deer. Horsetooth Mountain Open Space would be less special without its wild cats and now there is one fewer.