JSON-LD, a a JSON-based serialization for Linked Data, is finally a W3C Recommendation. I'd like to remind readers that dumpgj, the any-vectors-to-GeoJSON program that is distributed with Fiona, will optionally add JSON-LD contexts to GeoJSON files.

$ dumpgj --help
usage: dumpgj [-h] [-d] [-n N] [--compact] [--encoding ENC]
              [--record-buffered] [--ignore-errors] [--use-ld-context]
              [--add-ld-context-item TERM=URI]
              infile [outfile]

Serialize a file's records or description to GeoJSON

positional arguments:
  infile                input file name
  outfile               output file name, defaults to stdout if omitted

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --description     serialize file's data description (schema) only
  -n N, --indent N      indentation level in N number of chars
  --compact             use compact separators (',', ':')
  --encoding ENC        Specify encoding of the input file
  --record-buffered     Economical buffering of writes at record, not
                        collection (default), level
  --ignore-errors       log errors but do not stop serialization
  --use-ld-context      add a JSON-LD context to JSON output
  --add-ld-context-item TERM=URI
                        map a term to a URI and add it to the output's JSON LD