Fiona 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 is tagged and uploaded to PyPI. The changes:

  • Smarter, better test setup (#65, #66, #67).

  • Add type='Feature' to records read from a Collection (#68).

  • Skip geometry validation when using GeoJSON driver (#61).

  • Dumpgj file description reports record properties as a list (as in dict.items()) instead of a dict.

GeoPandas is driving half of these changes. Thanks, Kelsey! The others are GeoJSON format related. Dumpgj is a program that does much of what ogr2ogr does, and with more natural ordering of options and parameters. Because stdout is the default for dumpgj, it's a good fit for Tom MacWright's geojsonio-cli. From my Fiona repository, this

$ dumpgj docs/data/test_uk.shp | geojsonio

opens in my browser with the GeoJSON carried in a application/json type data URI. You can do the same thing with ogr2ogr, but I think the above is a bit more tidy than this:

$ ogr2ogr -f GeoJSON /vsistdout/ docs/data/test_uk.shp test_uk | geojsonio