Post-GIS Day 2010

Tomorrow, November 18, is the date for the pre-WhereCamp5280 open source dynamic language geospatial programming hackfest/unworkshop. Please do sign in (or out if you must) here – we'll get to see more of Chris if he doesn't have to scramble to find a bigger room tomorrow morning. It's fun that this ended up being scheduled on the day after "GIS Day"; A bunch of us are definitely going to be working on what comes next after GIS.

For extra adventure, I'm going to attempt something I've never done before: travel from downtown Fort Collins to downtown Denver using only my legs and public transportation. In theory, Transfort/Flex and RTD connect in Longmont, and I've received some confirmation of this and other good tips from Front Range riders. We often went by car last year in France, but also did a lot of inter-city train trips and bus trips around the Montpellier Agglomeration. Other than riding to DIA, I've never done this kind of bus trip in Colorado. It will be interesting to compare the experiences.


Re: Post-GIS Day 2010

Author: Michael

Years ago I noticed that it would be possible to get from Vancouver to Seattle entirely on public transit. If I remeber correctly, the trip required 3 or 4 transit agencies about 6 hours and one of the transfers required walking across the US border but everything did connect up for less than $10 one way. maybe I should actually try it one of these days.

Re: Post-GIS Day 2010

Author: Sean

The trip turned out to be pretty painless, if long. The Flex is a standard city bus and gets one to downtown Longmont for $1.25. There were 5 of us on the southbound morning bus. The RTD LX to Denver was a coach and full when we left Longmont. $4.50 for that ride. $5.75 and roughly 3 hours each way. Cheaper than solo driving and parking, but too time consuming for a one-day trip. I'd never do this to take my kids to the Natural History Museum, for example.