Unofficial Python GIS SIG

There was a discussion on the GIS-Python list that made me think that there ought to be a discussion group that helps developers communicate across projects, share good ideas, and generally improve Python's GIS story, much like the Python Web-SIG list does for web software developers. Please help spread word of the Unofficial Python GIS SIG.


Re: Unofficial Python GIS SIG

Author: Timmie

It's a great idea!

I added this to the OSGEO wiki at

OSGeo Python Library

Will you advertise it on the mailing list of GRASS, QGIS, gvSIG, Mapfish, featureserver/tilecache?

Keep on!

Re: Unofficial Python GIS SIG

Author: Sean

I'm not a subscriber to those particular lists and am counting on others to spread the word. The MapFish developers are on board already.