I can has Python and GIS environments?

I've spent this short week tuning up my new laptop's development environment, and a side effect of this work is a new build system for replicable, isolated Python, GIS, and image/raster processing environments. Ichpage replaces Gdawg on my machine. It supplies:

  • GDAL (osgeo.gdal, etc)

  • geojson

  • geopy

  • keytree

  • lxml

  • Numpy

  • PIL

  • PyProj

  • Rtree

  • Shapely

and their various library dependencies (libgdal, libgeos_c, libspatialindex, libxml2, libxslt). To get started, clone or get the tarball, cd into the directory, and execute:

$ virtualenv .
$ source ./bin/activate
(ichpage)$ python bootstrap.py
(ichpage)$ buildout
(ichpage)$ . ./setenv
(ichpage)$ labpy
>>> from osgeo import gdal
>>> from shapely.geometry import Point

To do tasks include linking the GDAL utilities into the environment's bin directory, adding WorldMill, perhaps adding matplotlib. For now, it's a way for me to manage C libs while I develop Shapely and Rtree, and perhaps useful to other geospatial Python developers.


Re: I can has Python and GIS environments?

Author: Kurt


Re: I can has Python and GIS environments?

Author: Sean

Keytree is a little KML helper for use with Python ElementTree APIs.