Beers and Python GIS in Praha

One of the highlights of this trip was the chance to meet fellow Python and GIS programmer, and blogger, Jáchym Čepický.

I'm not sure how many readers of Planet OSGeo understand Czech and know that Jáchym went through a scary episode in life this past summer. He gave me a sobering recap and then we had some less sobering toasts to his good health at Pivovarský klub. In a city served almost exclusively by single-beer pubs, Pivovarský klub is an oasis for the beer enthusiast. I had several beers from the tap that I never saw anywhere else -- beers far more fresh and flavorful than the ubiquitous Gambrinus.


Re: Beers and Python GIS in Praha

Author: jachym

Hi Sean, I hope, all your jouneys are going well. Btw, see my "transformations" from this summer :-) See you somewhere sometime again Jachym P.S. I personally thing, Gambrinus is a good beer. It is good just for normal drinking - do not forget, we (czechs) consume the biggest amount of beer/head on the world. But there are others, more tasty ;-)

Re: Beers and Python GIS in Praha

Author: Kristian

Whoa, you don't need to read Czech to understand that :( Hope it was "just" a scare. I heard Jáchym's talk on Python WPS at FOSSGIS in April; it was very interesting and he seems like a very nice guy - speaks way better German than me as well :) Now you're mentioning beer, have you seen this? ;)