Friends don't let friends use EndNote, part 2

I've just seen mention of this via Twitter, but haven't discussed with or seen any statement from the developers, on advice of lawyers, no doubt: Reuters sues GMU for no real reason other than Zotero's competition with, and besting of EndNote. Is this the kind of company you want to support, Steve? One that seems ready to sue its users for trying to free their data from its proprietary format?

More from Bruce D'Arcus, and also Hugh Cayless.


Re: Friends don't let friends use EndNote, part 2

Author: Steven Citron-Pousty

That is really shitty - I can still like the software without loving the company - especially since the company is now Reuters. I thought they were owned by the people that produced science citation index. Has reuters bought them as well. I despised that company as much as Springer-Verlag. Such a frickin rip-off but I loved their content. Anyway, all I really need is a way to export my endnote library and I would be off them. I really do like my older versions of endnote - sniff sniff...