Shapely 1.0 Final Release

The Friday before a 3 day weekend may not be the best time to release, but it's done and I'm ready to move ahead. Share and enjoy: Shapely 1.0 (RIP, Douglas Adams).

I had fun working on this project. I had fun picking the name. I even enjoyed writing the manual. Major portions of this work were supported by a grant (to Pleiades) from the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities ( It was part of my day job and I think that goes as well for the other contributors, but I also did some after hours volunteer work to keep it real. I'd also like to thank Yo la Tengo, Sonny Rollins, my family, and the letters G, E, O, and S.


Re: Shapely 1.0 Final Release

Author: Paul Smith

Kudos! A terrific and useful library.