Gdawg Mercurial Repo

I've been hearing great things about Mercurial (for a while. At the Pythoneers meeting I attended last spring, IPython developer Fernando Perez attested to its usefulness in a code sprint: programmers can pull changesets from each other with no need for a central server. It's written in Python, free (as in speech), backed by the Software Freedom Conservancy, and has a great tutorial. For what it's worth, Linus Torvalds says Mercurial is no git but doesn't suck like Subversion. The interface is similar in many ways to cvs or svn, but with no central repository getting started is trivial:

$ apt-get install mercurial
$ cd /tmp
$ hg init foo-project

There's your first repository. I set up a publicly readable repo on my server (using the Hg CGI) and pushed my local Gdawg repo to it using ssh. Voila: Clone Gdawg (think checkout) to your own computer like this:

$ hg clone my-gdawg


Re: Gdawg Mercurial Repo

Author: Justin Bronn

I've only been using Mercurial for a few months, yet I cannot imagine how I lived without it. Another big backer is Sun -- they now use it for both OpenSolaris and Java. For those wanting to learn more, I recommend watching Bryan O'Sullivan's overview (despite being over a year old it's a good introduction to the concepts). An indispensable accessory for Mercurial is hg-svn; it allows you to pull changesets from SVN into your private repository.