Monkeying with Planet Geospatial

I really dig James Fee's Planet Geospatial, just one of the many great things he's doing for the geo blogosphere. That said, in his effort to be all-inclusive he's subscribing to blogs that don't interest me, and it's likely that he's subscribing to another set of blogs that don't interest you. To customize my Planet Geospatial experience, I've written a simple Greasemonkey user script: pgscrubber.user.js.

If you're unfamiliar with Greasemonkey, I recommend It allows Mozilla and Firefox users to re-skin practically any website. A small sci-fi aside: I'm reading Vernor Vinge's Synthetic Serendipity right now, and love his extrapolation of the skin concept. Sort like Greasemonkey meets a totally immersive internet.

Pgeofilter will scrub the Planet Geospatial front page of entries from a single blog. You will need to make one edit to the code to specify that blog. Note that with a little cut and paste you could hack this script to filter several blogs. This script is aimed at the mid-November incarnation of Planet Geospatial. Any change to the site is likely to break my fragile code.

I'm using it to filter out the echoes on Planet Geospatial; the blogs which simply link to each other without providing any original content. Some of you may want to use it to filter out a particularly annoying voice from the FOSS/MapServer/Python corner of the blogosphere.

James, if you're reading this and like the idea, it would be great if you could alter your HTML to put a div around each entire entry, including the headers, and set the id to the blog's URL. And you can thank the Mozilla and Firefox projects: thanks to Greasemonkey I'll never bug you about Planet Geospatial's content or formatting again!

Update: Broken already! James, put down the <font> element, it's all about CSS these days. I'll have a fix for my script soon.

Update: James came through with the <div> I was asking for, and version 0.2 of the script is working again.