New PCL/PrimaGIS Project Infrastructure

Continuing the project work of last week, Kai and I have largely completed an overhaul of our joint projects' infrastructures. Our bugs have been moved to their luxurious new homes, repositories ported, and user list subscribers migrated to the new community list.

Here's how to get involved.

Where are we going with this site? Howard asked this question the other day, and particularly wanted to know if it might be a new home for pyTerra. We don't intend to be a home for all open source Python GIS software, only for a particular set of harmoniously interlocking components. A SciPy for GIS is what I'm aiming for. For now, is the home for the Python Cartographic Library, Cartographic Objects for Zope, PrimaGIS, and GeoAwareObjects for Plone. Joining them soon will be a replacement for the old PyOGCLib.

Update: After some discussion with Hobu, I need to clarify that I'm aiming for something more coherent than SciPy. GeoTools is probably a better example.