Never Summer training week sixteen recap

My rest week is over. It's only Saturday night, but I'm not running or working out in any way tomorrow, so I'm logging this early.

  • 3 hours, 42 minutes

  • 22.3 miles

  • 1562 feet D+

I spent about 12 fewer hours running and commuting this week than in week 15. I put them into work and sleep instead. I also made some nice meals for my family and finished some home and garden projects. Friday's run was my longest of the week at 95 minutes. Last week I had four longer runs. Today I went out for 4.5 miles and couldn't help speeding up a little. I'm feeling recovered and ready to go hard for three weeks. I'm aiming for 220+ miles distance and 36,000 feet of climbing in weeks seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen.