Never Summer training week fifteen recap

I just finished week 15. Here are the numbers.

  • 13 hours, 21 minutes

  • 65.8 miles

  • 11,220 feet D+

I did a lot of hard running this week, all of it uphill. Tuesday I set some new PRs on the Maxwell climb. Thursday I did hard intervals on the Towers road, 4 x 6 minute, 3 x 2 minute, and 3 x 30 second, going as hard as I could sustain for the intervals. Some of these intervals overlapped with classic short and steep Strava segments and I enjoyed moving up within sight, if within reach, of the all-time leaderboard. Being more of a puncheur, I can't hang with elite climbers on long climbs, but I'm close on super steep terrain.

I'd planned to do a 25 mile run following the Quad Rock course on Friday but pushed it to Saturday for better weather. What do I bring for food on a 6 hour run? My current staple is nut butter (almond or peanut) and honey sandwiches. I make them up to be approximately 600 calories each, cut them in quarters, and stuff four quarters into a small plastic ziplock container. Less mess than a baggie, and in time the pieces absorb any honey that leaks out. I took one sandwich and two handfuls of gummy bears in my running vest, with an equal amount of each in a drop bag I left at the 18 mile point. I eat a quarter of a sandwich, or 150 calories, every 40 minutes. I would have to eat more on an all-day run, but I can tolerate a deficit for a few hours.

1200 calories

Arthur's Rock trailhead

Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains from South Ridge trail

The mountain lions of Horsetooth would like you know that they are still here

25 miles and 5000 feet of climbing on tired legs was hard. I fed as soon as I got home, ate a huge helping of spaghetti with pesto sauce for dinner a few hours later, and was asleep in bed by 9 p.m.

This morning I went back to Lory for a shorter run on some of the same trails, but in the other direction, shuffled. I went light on gear, broke in my new version 4 Speedgoats, and my legs felt fine. We're entering peak wildflower season and I stopped to take photos of penstemon, geranium, and delphinium. The latter, also known as larkspur, grows in large patches near the bottom of Well Gulch.