Fiona 1.8b1

Fiona 1.8b1 is in the cheese shop today while supplies last: There are changes since 1.8a3, none of them breaking. Please, if you can, run pip install fiona==1.8b1 to help test this prerelease.


  • Collection slicing has been deprecated and will be prohibited in a future version.

Bug fixes

  • Rasterio CRS objects passed to transform module methods will be converted to dicts as needed (#590).
  • Implicitly convert curve geometries to their linear approximations rather than failing (#617).
  • Migrated unittest test cases in and to the use of the standard data_dir and path_coutwildrnp_shp fixtures (#616).
  • Root logger configuration has been removed from all test scripts (#615).
  • An AWS session is created for the CLI context Env only if explicitly requested, matching the behavior of Rasterio’s CLI (#635).
  • Dependency on attrs is made explicit.
  • Other dependencies are pinned to known good versions in requirements files.
  • Unused arguments have been removed from the Env constructor (#637).


  • A with_context_env decorator has been added and used to set up the GDAL environment for CLI commands. The command functions themselves are now simplified.

A 1.8.0 final release is scheduled for the end of this month.

First Real Snow

It started snowing at about 9 p.m. last night and this morning we woke up to a 10 cm blanket of snow. Not enough to cause any damage, but plenty enough to play in.

Winter is Coming

One of the neat weather features on the Front Range of Colorado is the dramatic warm up before a winter storm. A strong trough or closed low (like a hurricane) imports warm air from the south before the system hits. We experienced this today. The weather for Arabelle's 10:30 a.m. soccer game was beautiful: calm, sunny, 15°C.

Soccer in the foreground, snowy peaks in the background: Longs Peak (left) and Mummy Range (right).

Arabelle is playing 11 on 11 U14 soccer this fall and plays the holding midfielder role for her team. I and the other parents watched her team win 3-1 under blue skies, knowing that it's going to be much different tonight. We got a little snow Wednesday, but this weekend's storm is more serious.

First snow on Wednesday.

After the game, I ran one of my favorite foothill trail loops and then came back and got the garden ready for winter. I picked herbs and green tomatos, cut down plants that aren't going to survive a freeze, and tossed them in the compost. I brought our rosemary bush inside, put away our rain barrel, disconnected all the hoses, and folded up and stashed the patio furniture.

All the tomatos are countertop tomatos now.

Bring it, Winter!