Fiona 1.8b1

Fiona 1.8b1 is in the cheese shop today while supplies last: There are changes since 1.8a3, none of them breaking. Please, if you can, run pip install fiona==1.8b1 to help test this prerelease.


  • Collection slicing has been deprecated and will be prohibited in a future version.

Bug fixes

  • Rasterio CRS objects passed to transform module methods will be converted to dicts as needed (#590).

  • Implicitly convert curve geometries to their linear approximations rather than failing (#617).

  • Migrated unittest test cases in and to the use of the standard data_dir and path_coutwildrnp_shp fixtures (#616).

  • Root logger configuration has been removed from all test scripts (#615).

  • An AWS session is created for the CLI context Env only if explicitly requested, matching the behavior of Rasterio’s CLI (#635).

  • Dependency on attrs is made explicit.

  • Other dependencies are pinned to known good versions in requirements files.

  • Unused arguments have been removed from the Env constructor (#637).


  • A with_context_env decorator has been added and used to set up the GDAL environment for CLI commands. The command functions themselves are now simplified.

A 1.8.0 final release is scheduled for the end of this month.