Rasterio 1.0b4

Vincent Sarago and I tracked down and knocked out a number of tricky warping and VRT bugs last week and I made three beta releases of Rasterio. Rasterio 1.0b4 went to the Python Package Index yesterday: https://pypi.org/project/rasterio/1.0b4/. Huge thanks to all of you who are trying these beta releases out.

Releasing Rasterio 1.0 by June 31 was one of my goals for the second quarter of 2018. I'm feeling confident about making a first release candidate at least!

Rasterio 1.0b2

Rasterio 1.0b2 is on the Python Package Index today: https://pypi.org/project/rasterio/1.0b2/. This release has been blocked for a couple weeks while we worked out some issues with Rasterio's boundless reads, WarpedVRT, overviews, and masks. To try it out, run pip install rasterio==1.0b2 in a new Python environment on Linux or OS X. Conda packages for Linux, OS X, and Windows will be available soon from conda-forge.

There's a breaking change that I couldn't avoid in 1.0b2: boundless reads from a WarpedVRT are forbidden. I never intended this to be a Rasterio feature and removing it is in my view as much of a bug fix as it is an API change. If you're using software and see errors that report "WarpedVRT does not permit boundless reads", you can downgrade Rasterio to 1.0b1 while that software catches up to the changes in Rasterio 1.0b2.

Trail des Étoiles Filantes

I just signed up for the Trail des Étoiles Filantes (Shooting Stars Trail Run, in English) during my family's upcoming summer vacation in Montpellier. I don't have any experience with night races, but I love being outside after dark, I love the Pic Saint-Loup region, I need to run something before the Black Squirrel, and no French race has yet failed to satisfy me.

It looks like we'll be leaving the village of Murles at dusk and running through the vines and rock outcrops around Pic Saint-Loup. I think this could be a ton of fun.

Rasterio 1.0b1

I've been working on getting Rasterio to 1.0 this spring. Today I tagged the project 1.0b1 and uploaded a source distribution and wheels for macosx and manylinux1 to PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/rasterio/1.0b1/.

There are many changes in this release. We've fixed a number of bugs and added new features. We've deprecated some features and removed features that were previously deprecated. The full list of changes is at https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio/blob/master/CHANGES.txt#L4-L108.

Please try this pre-release out soon and check for warnings and hopefully rare and minor un-warned bad surprises.

pip install rasterio==1.0b1

I've had a lot of help getting to this first beta release and had a lot of fun tweeting thanks this afternoon. Brendan Ward isn't on Twitter as far as I know and so I want to acknowledge his contributions here: thanks!