2024 running goals

I've registered for the Never Summer 100K (my 3rd) at the end of July, the Black Squirrel Trail Half-Marathon (my 4th) in early September, and the Bear 100 Mile at the end of September (my 2nd try). All are events that I've run before, but never as a set. I ran Never Summer and Black Squirrel together in 2021. I did the shorter 60K version of Never Summer last year along with the Bear.

I intend to do Never Summer as part of my build up for the Bear 100. I'll give it a good go, but stay composed, and be mindful that it will be just the first week of my peak training block. I registered for Black Squirrel because I've missed running it, could be really fit that week, and some faster running might be a fun break from the long slogs of late summer.

Finishing the Bear 100 is my number one goal. I'd like to finish and do well at Never Summer and Black Squirrel, too, but am ready to sacrifice these goals if I must.

Along the way to finishing the Bear I'm going to try to add 250 miles at 220 feet per mile to last year's numbers, so 1850 miles running and 275,000 feet of climbing. This is feasible if things go well. I ran 2000 miles in 2021.

I aim to lose at least 15 pounds in the next 9 months so I don't have to drag them for 30 hours through the mountains of Utah and Idaho. I'll have to omit junk food and DIPAs to do it. In their place, I can work on training my stomach to handle Spring Energy gels.

My last goal is to increase the flexibility and durability of my ankles so that I have a better chance of weathering the trails of the Bear in 2024. I'm planning to get some physical therapy help on this early this next spring.

Good luck in reaching your own goals for next year, whether they are on or off trail!